1. Usability

  • Easy to get started! 
  • Each catalog is installed in a separate virtual machine and paused. Therefore, when you open the directory - you keep to the point where finished last time. This saves time on re-launch of the directory, and also increases the speed compared with assemblies installed on a virtual machine.

2. High quality

  • Catalogs are set to a safe and high-speed hard drive Seagate 1TB with an increased cache and the new firmware.
  • Our specialists are constantly trying to improve our products.
  • You can print directly from the catalogs without any settings, as well as use the function copy - paste.


3. Always actual information

  • At our site you can see a detailed list of catalogs and their current dates. We do not hide this information, since we sell it fresh catalogs.
  • In addition to the original EPC's we adding tecdoc and atris catalogs which may help you find duplicate parts, their applicability and replacement rates. 

Use our demo version!
Now anyone can get access to our demo online.


Для этого необходимо:

  1. Dowmload  Teamviewer

  2. Send your request on our email avtokatalogi@mail.ru

  3. Run the program and check out the product demo.