• What is included in free technical support?

    Helpdesk answers any questions concerning EPC workability.

    Response time: within a day.

    Please specify as fully as possible your question and send it to us by mail.

    It is advisable to take a screenshot of the error and attach it to the letter.

    We will not respond to questions regarding the search process in EPC

  • Can't find catalog

    You can contact us about what part catalogs you need and we will try to fulfill your order.

  • I can not install or run the catalog! Specialists are not around.

    If you are unable to run or install the EPC read the instructions in the hard disk root. If this does not help please contact our technical support department by e-mail: avtokatalogi_ts@mail.ru

  • Do I need a powerfull computer?

    If you want to quickly open catalogs, you need a modern computer. We recomend at least dual core processor and 2 gigabytes of RAM. If your computer is less powerful, the catalogs will work, but more slowly.

  • How to update?

    For our customers, we provide a discount of 40% of the cost in the price at the time of renewal. Updated catalog or by a complete rewriting of the hard disk, or (if you have the technical capabilities) download from our ftp-server on the Internet.

  • Shipping and payment

    1-2 week shipping by courier service or link on ftp service after few days.

    We accept payments by Visa, Mastercard and Paypal

  • Free shipping?

    We provide free shipping to your door!

  • Warranty?

    We are giving 3 years warranty on our products

  • Can your specialist connect to my compyter?

    For technical support, please send e avtokatalogi_ts@mail.ru description of your problem, the name of the organization that purchased the catalogs. You can also install software on your computer for remote access by downloading it from this link. After installation, please send your ID and password from the program to us on e-mail, along with a description of your problem. It is important to have the program was launched and it was an active Internet connection. Our specialist will connect to your kompyuter and correct all errors.

You can ask any question via email: avtokatalogi@mail.ru, or call us: +7 (383) 299-69-16

Use our demo version!
Now anyone can get access to our demo online.


Для этого необходимо:

  1. Dowmload  Teamviewer

  2. Send your request on our email avtokatalogi@mail.ru

  3. Run the program and check out the product demo.